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Fountain Pens of the USA
Proposed release in 2-3 years
By Andreas Lambrou and Jim Mamoulides
Hard Cover
Published by Lambrou Publishers

The success of Fountain Pens of Japan inspired the author, Andreas Lambrou to continue documenting the history of fountain pens and their industry. This time, he and his co-author Jim Mamoulides will be focused on the rich history of fountain pens in the United States.

'Fountain Pens of the USA' proposed cover with LN2 Harvest on spine

Lambrou Pens LN2 Harvest

Lambrou Pens LN2 Harvest

Lambrou Pens LN2 Harvest showing highlights of the artwork

The book contains authoritative and comprehensive text on the history of the fountain pen and its industry in the United States of America.

Below is the planned specification for this new book:

With Chapter 4, we aim to do our best to help individual USA craftsmen and artists
to develop and create quality art pens in their homeland,
the United States of America.

 Author biography

FPUSUKAndreas Lambrou was born in Nicosia, Cyprus in 1942. He started to collect fountain pens at the age of 12 in his native Cyprus then in England while studying at London University. He is a founder member of the Writing Equipment Society formed in 1980 and served on the Executive as Trade Liaison Officer for fountain pens.  He has written articles for international publications including Pen World, Business Magazine, Vogue, The V.I.P Guide to London, etc. and has catalogued and valued pen museums of international pen manufacturers.

He is an authorized pen restorer and co-founder of Classic Pens Ltd. established in 1987, a company that specializes in the customization of limited edition pens. He is the founder of Classic Pens Inc. established in 1998 in Los Angeles, California.

He has worked with the craftsman Marc Murelli in France and international pen manufacturers and has created exclusive and novel guilloche designs for sterling silver which adorn the Classic Pens CP series of limited edition pens.

The author has worked with his long standing friend Masa Sunami and some of the most respected Maki-E Masters in Japan to create the Classic Pens  LS and AL Signature Collections of Maki-E Art Pens.

A positive working relationship between the author and the artist Paul Rossi since 2000 has resulted in the creation of unique and exquisite Sterling Silver overlays which are part of the Lambrou Rossi Collection.

In 2006, he worked with Paul Rossi to develop and produce the company's Legend™ and Mythos® pen models which are now the canvas of several pen collections of Classic Pens.

He is co-founder of Andreas Lambrou Publishers Ltd. established in 2011, a company that specializes in the creation and publishing of pen history art books.

Andreas Lambrou is recognized as a distinguished pen collector and one of the leading international authorities on fountain pens and their industry worldwide.

FPUSUKJim Mamoulides was born in New Orleans, Louisiana in 1960. He was first drawn to fountain pens through his interest in calligraphy, but did not become an avid collector until he lost a Montblanc ballpoint pen and began a search of pen stores for a replacement, discovering the fascinating world of pen collecting. His interest in the history of fountain pens led him to focus on vintage pens and his articles and photography can be found on his website Jimís photographic work has been featured in the books Fountain Pens of Japan and Collecting Pens, the Pennant, Pen World, DuPont Registry, Antique Traders Collector, Antique Week, and Connecticut Cottages & Gardens magazines, and manufacturer websites such as Classic Pens, Cleo Skribent, and Sheaffer. He has been interviewed numerous times about pen collecting, including an interview for O The Oprah Magazine.

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